Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Altered Couture May Feature!

Hello friends...
Look what came in my mailbox this week!!!!
The May 2011 issue of Altered Couture
And looks who's on Pages 66-69!
They had an Alice in Wonderland themed challenge.
I submitted my red felted children's vest with needle felted hearts and they accepted it for a feature.
It is being featured as a technique based feature so I got four pages!!
Good Grief...did I just say the word 'feature' three times???
I love the publishing house of Stampington & Co. because they trust me to write my own text.
The editor of Altered Couture, Beth Livesay, is a real doll to work with. 
This issue is chock full of creative and beautiful altered garments and accessories.
I love this skirt with lace embellishments, by Valentina Ferguson.
How about this refashioned tee by Disney Powless, for romantic bliss?
I'm in love with these restyled high heels by Pattie Donham Wilkinson
A cross between Alice in Wonderland and Marie Antoinette.
Love the before and after photos.
Yes...the shoes even have a matching feminine.
The whole magazine is filled to the brim with beautiful photos and the works of many talented artists.
Altered Couture is on the store shelves now, so go pick one up and enjoy.
Once again, I send out a huge THANK YOU to Altered Couture editor, Ms. Beth Livesay.
Thanks Beth, for making me look so good.
Until next kind and stay creative.
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Lydia said...

Congrats!!! Also, those blue shoes are amazing.

nest full of eggs said...

congrats ! you must be thrilled ! i really look forward to buying this issue !

Annette said...

I actually looked for that issue today and couldn't find it, but I didn't know you were in it. Congratulations, I'm excited for you! :)

Danielle Renee said...

Awesome! Its so neat to see your name in a magazine.

Maison Conti said...

Congratulations Janet! That's so exciting.

Claire said...

Oh Janet, you are becoming a bit of a media mogul, hehehe.

Congrats on the feature..... 4pages woohoo, that's very exciting.

Just wondering have you thought of putting together a book featuring your wonderful makes? I can see it happening Janet.

Well done,

Claire X

Aprons and More said...

Congrats! Love the vest...wish it would fit me! Nice job and 4 pages, wow!

I second the book deal!!

Katy :)

Sue said...

Janet, Congratulations on your magazine feature! wow- four pages- you are famous, girfriend! Thrifty AND pretty. :-)
~ Sue

Gretel said...

It's so good to see you deservedly featured in such a prestigious magazine - where you belong. Your writing it is the icing on the cake, and you do it so well, I want to see more of this success please!

Lisalulu said...

YOU are wonderful!!! so so so talented.

Hines-Sight said...

Congrats! That is great.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog and I just had to tell you how inspiring I find your work - and your blog - thank you for sharing.

Amy W. said...

I'm so excited to read your talented and beautiful work is being published! Congratulations!
Now and for sure, I just have to purchase a copy of this magazine.
Again...Congratulations!! :)