Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm In Love and My Defense Of Chalk Paint

Hello friends..happy to have
 you visit once again.
How was your weekend?
Mr. Secret Agent had the holiday off, so he was very busy doing lot's of yard work.
Don't feel bad...he thrives outside on his John Deere.
I on the other hand spent it painting.

I am so excited to show you what I have been working on this weekend.
You know those people who fall in love with inanimate the Eiffel Tower
and the Brooklyn Bridge 
Well I have joined their club...

About a month ago, I spotted this maple china cabinet at my local Warrenton Salvation Macy's.
it got my attention, but I didn't buy it.
Each time I returned and it was still sitting there, I was more intrigued.
The price was great and it was a solid piece of wood furniture.
Were people not able to see past the slightly outdatedness of it??
Couldn't anyone see it's possibilities????
Well I was going to show them what they were missing out on.
I bought that lonely china cabinet and they even delivered it right to my doorstep!
Are you ready to see what a little imagination
 and some Annie Sloan chalk paint
can do?

I had just received my new chalk paint colors and thought this would 
be a good piece to try out the Coco.
Beautiful color...warm and rich.
I knew I wanted to paint the interior a different color and had a bit of a dilema as to which one to choose.
I decided on Cream, which is really a buttery pale yellow.
Cream is a gorgeous subtle color.
It was not winning me over here.
Coco and Cream are beautiful separately, but together, they washed each other out.
On to Plan B
I went on Annie's Facebook page and asked her for help.
Now this is what I love about this lady....she answered me with her opinions.
Annie suggested to pair the Coco with either Emperor's Silk, a drop dead gorgeous red, or a rich blue.
Who am I to question the woman who developed these colors?
Are you ready to see what I chose??

I'm in love!!!!!!!
I chose Annie's Aubusson Blue to compliment the warm Coco.

I am so thrilled with this piece!!!!

Just look at the warm glow you can achieve with the clear wax.

I am so happy with this combo...Aubusson Blue is a magnificent super rich
This is my first project using AB and I know I will be using this color many more times.
I think it is especially great when painting a piece and you don't want it to look to girly, but still want a pretty look.
Husbands will love this color...Mr. Secret Agent kept commenting how 
great this piece looked.

As I painted the interior, I kept my brush strokes very loose and did a lot of X strokes.
I did not attempt to achieve full coverage, but a kind of painted canvas look.
Once I waxed and buffed the interior, it took on a crushed velvet sort of texture.
So pretty.

Here is that wonderful wax/buff glow again.
These paints just always seem to give me the look I am striving for with minimal work.

I always make sure to paint and wax the tops of these bigger pieces in case you can see it from a high landing or balcony setting.

 I accented with some of the new Pure White and then sanded off 60% of it for a nice age worn look.
I didn't want it too bright.
After the painting was completed, I applied a coat of clear wax and then did my distressing and sanding.
This really helped to cut down on the chalk dust. I worked on this piece exactly where you see it in the photos.....yeah I know, I'm crazy that way.
But I tell you this because by waxing first, I had a little chalk dust that fell to the floor which I easily
vacuumed up. I then simply vacuumed the whole piece.
Hardly any mess at all.
I hand sanded, but if you use a palm sander without a bag, it will blow that stuff all over.
I would use that outside or in a workshop space only . 

Sorry, my knee shot is a little blurry, but you get the idea.

I painted right over the knobs with the Coco and then dry brushed with more of the White.
Now the pulls really stand out.

 I can't help myself...I have to brag about the wonderful finish you can get with the waxes.
You should feel this piece...smooth as a....well you know.

Look how incredible the Aubusson looks with Ironstone plates...
be still my pounding heart!

Tell me...does this not look like a Dutch Masters still-life painting??????

So let's review, shall we?

 Here they are side by side
Which one gets your vote?

I vote for the beautiful French lady.
To all those who passed this lady by without a glance in her direction..
You should see
now! let's talk Chalk Paint shall we?
I've noticed lot's of talk on a few blogs recently about making your own chalk paint.
I have no problem with trying to save money or looking for a less expensive method of achieving identical results on a project of any kind.
I tip my hat to all the great DIY'ers out there.
This is just my opinion my friends.

It does however bother me to read that Annie is being 'exposed'.
As if the many years she has spent (over 40) perfecting her product  and brand is not genuine and valid.
Yes ASCP is more costly than a gallon of Glidden or Behr,
 but you are comparing apples to oranges.
Annie Sloan's chalk paint is NOT a latex based product.
It will NOT get a skin if you leave the can open.
Distresses like a dream which, from what I've read, the homemade one does not.
I fail to see how adding Calcium Carbonate to Latex paint will magically
turn it into chalk paint of the same quality.
It will be chalky looking, but I think the likeness ends there.
Hello Ladies...the LATEX is still there!!!!
I was just in my local paint shop and saw other very well respected and high end
 European and American
paint brands selling for $40.00 a quart.
It is not that unusual for high quality, highly pigmented paint.
There are many excellent qualities that you can not get by simply adding Gesso or Calcium Carbonate.
Has anyone tested the long term adhesion of these DIY versions?
I sell my pieces and I need to be darn sure that they will hold up and stay beautiful for many years.  
I also don't have time to wait a week for the latex paint to fully cure.
Time is money.
I even e-mailed the kind folks at Behr and asked them about all this.
Their rep. Jonathan said 
 "We do not recommend using any non-Behr additives to our paints as this may affect the proper curing and adhesion of the paint." 

Glidden and Martha Stewart said the same thing.

Many of the DIY CP projects I read about had a lot of 
I added more this.....I changed the ratio of that...I had to redo this"
For me..I don't have time for that.
 I want to open a can and GO!
The piece I showcased in this post was completed using approx. $5.80 worth of Coco and $2.00 worth of Aubusson Blue.
I'm talking $7.80 to totally restyle and have complete confidence in the lasting beauty
 of this very large piece!
Please explain how that is too costly?
Last month the blogosphere was filled with reviews of the new Martha Stewart craft paint line.
I read hundreds of adoring comments about what a fabulous product this was and how everyone was going to run out and buy some..
On HSN (Home Shopping Network) they are selling an 18 pk/2oz. bottle (36 oz) package of the stuff for 
  $33.21 Quart plus possible tax
Folkart Acrylics craft paint typically retails for $1.99 per 2oz bottle or
$32.00 Quart (32oz)
Not much less than ASCP's
$35.00 quart (32oz)

I't all relative my friends and I'm just trying to keep it all in the proper prospective.

And no...I am not a stockist of Annie's paint, but I would proudly
sell it in a heart beat.
Thanks for indulging me in my defense of ASCP.
As the Dutch are known to say

" There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint " TM

Until next kind and stay creative.

sharing here this week:


Kelly Ann said...

You tell them girlfriend..

Rhonda @ The Yellow Brick Road said...

Way to go! I could not have said it better myself! And your china cabinets makes my lil' heart pound too......yum yum!
I have been making sample boards all day (I am a mini-stockist).....try Country Grey and Duck Egg Blue sometime....looks amazing!
Keep up the good work...(((hugs))).

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Oh my, your china cabinet is gorgeous! The the way the different colors complement each other. Aubusson Blue is one of my favorites. And thanks for your comments on ASCP. It's fun to experiment with all different kinds of mediums, but I believe ASCP is time tested. Like you said, it's all relative.

Mom said...


How long did you wait to buff after applying the clear wax?

Did you use dark wax at all?

I just added Aubusson Blue to my shopping cart!

Annette said...

Wow, Janet! That piece is stunning! She will be snatched up quick I bet!

Nelly said...

Love what you did to that lovely piece.Sadly I am still wiating for Annie to get her paint over here.Not having to undercoat or do too must scrubbing sounds great to me Cant wait to give it a go.

Gretel said...

I am not even going to begin to argue with you Janet! Love what you've done with the cabinet. :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well I can't get over the fact that you painted the cabinet right there! You did cover the floor though didn't you? I'm imagining you painting in your best clothes with not a spot of paint on them or you. No actually I can't imagine that at all, when I think how much paint I get on myself when I'm painting!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation!!! Those two colors compliment each other beautifully. I especially love the blue interior. GORGEOUS!

I painted a couple of chairs with DIY chalk paint. Not too sure the durability factor is there, but that's OK because the chairs are more for display than usage.

I am, however, repainting a lot of our current furniture in order to change our decor (we're moving into a hundred-year-old farmhouse next month). Those jobs are getting the complete ASCP treatment.

Thanks for your thoughts on ASCP. :)

Leslie said...

Hi Janet. First of all, the cabinet restyle is absolutely life-changingly gorgeous. What a fabulous job you did! Love the deep blue on the interior also. When I commented with my opinions I was doing so blindly, from an artists/designer color standpoint. But sometimes you just have to put something together to see if it works & how it works. Wow! Secondly, I the geeky, detail-freak in me *loves* that you did so much homework on this. Thank you for digging deeper and sharing the information about the other paint brands & costs. I know I keep saying that soon, soon I will be starting into my AS painting. But with every post you share my desire is that much stronger. We *must* get together soon...and I must find a way to squirrel away some AS paint funds so I can get my own hands dirty!!! My best to you, keep on being your awesome, creative self!

Aprons and More said...

Beautiful transformation!! You do such great work...I know it won't be there long!

Katy :)

Kathleen Grace said...

I don't blame you Janet, I am totally in love witht his piece! I am sure it will sell in a heartbeat. As for the make your own chalk paint ideas I have seen, I would have to agree with you, a quart goes a long way and messing with the chemical make-up of a product like paint is bound to give you unexpected results. Good points!

Wanda..... said...

What a change, such an improvement. Amazing what a little chalk paint in the 'hands' of Janet can do!

eleven-o-one said...

Hi Janet,
You piece is lovely and I agree that the quality of ASCP is great. I would never consider a DIY solution on such a quality piece of furniture. I had to try the DIY solution and am glad that I did. As I said in my post, I'll never give up my professional furniture grade paints but it is fun to have other options and since I paint lots of signs those don't require the durability and gives me lots of additional color options. Thanks for all the research and for stopping by my blog.

Laura Bright said...

I completely agree with you! I have a booth at a shop that is a stockist so I might be spoiled but I will not use anything else. The Annie Sloan painted furniture sells faster and at a higher price than the non ascp furniture. I am a believer and items like your cabinet are proof that it works. Feel free to check out my stuff at my site too. :)

Amy W. said...

My! Are you ever the VanGogh or the Monet of re-sale furniture!!! The China Hutch Makeover is just AWESOME!! The Dutch Masters themselves would be oh so very proud of you!!!
On another note......
Nothing can compare to the quality of Annie Sloan's line of paints. I'm just a beginner in using them.....and would Neva-Eva dare to try and do the cheap trick! Thanks for speaking up and sharing your thoughts on the subject. Appreciate your insight!!
Enjoyed so much reading everything you had to write about in today's post!!
Take care!!!

Jo Ann said...

Hi! your piece is the colors together!! I agree about the ASCP...I love it! When you think about how many pieces you can paint out of one can it puts the price into perspective.
I've thought about the DIY paint for signs but I'm not sure....definately not for furniture, I'd be afraid of long term results!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Great thoughts and advice, Janet! Your new treasure is lovely... enjoy!
Visiting from BNOTP~
Heidi @ SHow some Decor

Insensata! by Laura Sners said...

Hi Janet!
that cabinet is so gorgeous, from dated to styling!
I only wish I find ASCP here in Buenos Aires! I have a few pieces of furniture that I want to transformm with it! May be soon!

Claire said...

Hey Janet, not enough words to describe how wonderful your cabinet looks and to get the thumbs up from Mr. Secret Agent...........

Gorgeous blue ♥ and someone is going to fall in love with it and snap it up very quickly.

Claire X

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

G O R G E O U S !! Seriously, I love the combo you used. I fell in love with Aubusson the first time I used it. Have not tried the coco yet. I have the French Linen and it is a gorgeous gray especially with some dark and clear wax. I hope I can find a nice piece at a decent price to paint and sell. I am so glad you talked about the chalk paint to and the other home made version and the price points. Amen and Amen!!!!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I also paint wherever the piece is in my house. I vacuum up all the dust, too. Easy peasy.

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Janet, what a beautiful transformation. I love the new cocoa color and the blue you chose for inside really makes this piece pop! Way to save and update a nice, but formerly dated, piece.

Divine Theatre said...

I am your newest follower after I saw your post on Annie's page. This is absolutely a magical transformation!


Anonymous said...

I love your piece....I am trying the paint and am still experimenting with it...
you have helped me a lot. thanks so much!

Annette said...

Janet, this transformation is just beauitful. I so appreciated your in-depth comments on the ASCP. I have an old English bureau just waiting for her paints! And you also make me feel better about just painting it in the house! Thanks again, Annette

Anonymous said...

Well done! That color combination is stunning!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I am in love with the blue. I just finished a large piece Craft Center with ASCP and it came out beautiful. I have Popeye arms after the wax buffing BUT I sure do love it... I love the no prep of this paint!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Well said :) I haven't painted furniture in years so I can't speak on either side, but over the months of reading about your furniture re-dos I know I would follow your advice.

That blue combo is really gorgeous by the way!

Lydia Armstrong said...

Omg I am also in love!!! I LOVE this!!!!!!! I loved it before, and now it's like 10 times more amazing.

Amber and Brad said...

Very well said, Janet! And I love your china cabinet, it is beautiful. The Aubusson just sets it off, and you are right, men love that color!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Where do you recommend someone who has never painted furniture start? I have a dining room set with hutch, table and six chairs. I bought it painted off white and distressed, but it is the same neutral as the wall color of our new dining area walls. I don't have a clue where to start or what sort of "how to" to look for.

Reena said...

Your work is always amazing. Love the finished look!

Anonymous said...

Dear Janet, great job! Well done! The cabinet is trully beautiful. I can wait to get Coco home, hopefully next week. Aubusson Blue is one of my favorites, I just love it. Thanks for a great post. You too have a nice week. Adri

Bonnie Inc. said...

This piece is simply breathtaking! I'm in love with it too. Also, I respect you for defending ASCP. It is an amazing product and cannot be compared to anything else. I linked to Shades of Amber too. I hope yours is featured next week!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! It looks amazing, you did a fantastic job. Such a show piece now:)
And, I fully agree with you on the ASCP, there really is no comparison. I bought two quarts, and have finished 3 fairly large pieces (and I tend to overpaint, doing two full coats of each color) and I still have a half can of each color left!!
Came by from shades of amber

Anonymous said...

Okay, first off, i LOVE that piece! Beyond gorgeous! Secondly, you go girl. I 100 % agree! I did jump on the Annie bandwagon, but don't think i will be jumping on the diy chalk paint bandwagon anytime soon. Why would I? I am in LOVE with ASCP, it is a dream to work with and top notch. anyway, thanks for expressing my heart!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Stunning transformation, such an informational post! Thanks for sharing!!!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Defend what you love! This piece makes a dramatic statement. I can see why you're in love with it, and the finish. I haven't tried ASCP. I have a friend who stocks it. I will probably try it at some point. I would like to give you kudos for defending Annie, and what she has accomplished. I've known about her for years. I've been painting and selling for nearly two decades and have a rather large arsenal of products and techniques I use, and yes, gesso is one of them. I love it, but I've never said it was ASCP. Annie has built a brand. I respect that.

Anonymous said...

Have done a beat up bookcase, cedar chest and hanging shelf with ASCP olive. Am so pleased that 2 bentwood chairs and a porch post for a copper weather vane will be done in red with the dark stain. Also did the painting and sanding in my foyer. Not much to vacuum up. My favorite paint to revive our old furniture. And it convinced 3 more friends to try her great product.

Janet said...

I love how it turned out Janet; I hope you sell it for a gazillion dollars to one of the people who passed it up @ SM :)

Kathleen said...

Annie Sloan paint is the bee's knees. Each piece I paint, whether it be a candlestick, chair frame, table, brass lamp, Whatever - comes out brilliantly. Put too much on? Simply sand lightly and off it comes. Not enough? Add another layer. Too much distressing? Just paint over it. Want to make a change after waxing? Sand lightly and paint again. Have an idea you want to try - feel free - changes are a snap. Plus, the GLOW after waxing and buffing is AMAZING. So gorgeous and no tacky shine. ASCP is worth every single penny and more. A little goes a long way. Plus, cleanup is so easy. "Forget" to clean your paintbrush? Just soak in warm water and ASCP will rinse out. I'm not a stockist either, just a busy working woman who values her time.

BTW, your china cabinet is exquisite!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Rock on girl.... I love the stuff.. use it all the time and the new colors curl my toes in excitement. I had missed the whole roar about making your own.. I am all for DIY but really in this case it is just plain silly..

Love that blue and Coco..


Pamela said...

Janet your piece is lovely and I do have to agree. CP is pricey but I just do not have the patience to create my own and honestly don't care to throw money out the door experimenting. Anybody who has actually used CP and then a homemade version I am sure will clearly see the difference and be able to tell you.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I tried to leave you a comment a few days ago but blogger was giving me a fit. So I'm back today to tell you that not only is this an amazing piece of furniture but you created it into something completely breath-taking!!! I love the colors you choose. Painting the inside blue givens it so much dimension! Way to go and thank you for sharing you passion for ASCP. I have only tried it once but feel like I need to play with it a bit more to really learn all that this paint can do :D

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks fabulous & I do agree - why put all that work & effort in & use cheap products?


Gayle Himmelwright said...

LOVE IT! Those colors are so gorgeous! I definitely want to buy some of this paint soon and try my hand at it. I think once I do I may become addicted, though!

Restoration House Interiors said...

Lovely piece...thanks for stopping by my blog...officially a follower! said...

I love the French Lady! I read all the comments, I have only used ASCP, I love it too. I haven't sold any pieces, I was thrilled to find a paint where I didn't have to do so much prep...when I get a fresh can of paint, I can't wait to use it. I don't have time for all that sanding! LOL I did buy some gesso and I am going to paint a sign using Rosemary's technique. Her pieces have me curious! Love your fact finding post and beautiful piece!

Anonymous said...

Great points! ...and holy hannah I love that blue inside your cabinet. PERFECT choice!

Dana @

** Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed **

{darlene} @ fieldstonehill said...

Wow!! Janet, it looks fantastic!! I love the new color, especially!

Thank you so much for adding The Master Designer blog roll button, and in such a nice spot! You are a sweetheart!!!! I am thrilled to have you on the Roll!

6th Grade said...

hey, there janet! wow---this piece is a home run with the AB interior. i love that color and did a dresser in it recently...with which i'm having difficulty parting ways! i found you today via patty seaman (my chalk paint go-to-goddess!) who said you had an amazing piece on your blog. she does not lie!!

i'll be following you via email now..


Anonymous said...

While I'm sure the real stuff is just fantastic, don't knock the DIY chalk paint completely off the shelf, especially for those of us on absolute shoestring budgets--seriously, not everyone can put up that kind of cash for a hobby. Your work is professional since you sell it, but please, be nice to those of us who just can't afford anything but really cheap. What I wouldn't give for a little breathing room to spend more than a few bucks on decorating my house!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Dear Anonymous,
I just carefully reread my post and have failed to find any words that were 'unkind' or not 'nice' to my fellow DIY's. What I am defending is Annie's artistic integrity and product line. I am in no way criticizing anyone for trying to create beautiful pieces on a tight budget, however I think my price comparisons to other common craft paints is very valid.
I also am on a budget (Mr.Secret Agent is retired) and very concerned with costs...that is actually the reason I use ASCP. As for decorating my home....85% are Salvation Macy's (Army) deals. I have not shopped new retail for a very long time.
I do appreciate you comment and in no way discourage different opinions. I love a good debate....however, I would love to know WHO I am talking with...why the anonymous? I am really a very nice lady and I hope you continue to visit and will soon feel comfortable enough to leave your name.

Have a lovely Sunday!
Janet xox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about ASCP. I am a stockist. I have also taken a paint course through her. She is a master in her field. She knows what she is doing and is a complete professional.
If people want to make their own paint- then I say go for it, however, like you have already posted- the manufacturers don't recommend it and can't guarantee it.
I have been painting furniture for a long time and this paint is by far the best I have used.

Anonymous said...

That's just the prettiest results I've seen yet on a chalk paint application. LOVE IT!

Sue said...

Coco is a beautiful color and the china looks absolutely gorgeous, Janet! I really like ASCP and even though it is costly initially- it goes a long way! 'nuf said....
~ Sue

Unknown said...

I love the piece you did. I agree with you on the quality of the ASCP. However, Annie's book does give you some formulas to try and I have the raw materials now to try and make some of my own mixtures, just for fun!
I can testify to the greatness of her product, it is worth every penny!
I recently used it to paint a badly abused foyer floor, that was tiled in slate. It is absolutely beautiful and is holding up perfectly. This is the main thoroughfare in our home. Of course, I used a low luster poly to protect it instead of wax, because it is a floor, as Annie suggested. Great post! I blogged about it here.

NanaDiana said...

Janet- I just found you over at Kim's Savvy SLiving. I LIKE you, woman! I like a gal that sticks up for what she believes in...well, that and one who can paint like a pro. I am your newest follower and you are stuck with me now! Hugs- Diana

adrienne said...

stunning!!!! i love aubusson blue too. i love it with the dark wax.

Lilly said...

Im absolutely envious of that cabinet...shes a beauty...thnx for sharing

Mary Anne said...

I fell in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on my first piece of furniture. Was very fortunate to become a mini-stockist in Alpharetta, Georgia. Everything you say about the paint is correct. It is no more expensive than other paints when you factor in all the variables. My customers who use it will travel far and wide to buy it over and over again. (The piece you painted with the CoCo and Aubusson Blue is absolutely gorgeous!)

Samantha Richards said...

Hi Janet -
What a fun class have to sign up and spend an afternoon learning Janet's techniques...and seeing this piece in person is beautiful..and a steal with the price you have it priced at!!

Carrie said...

Absolutely stunning piece! Pinned to refer back to, and fully support your 'position' on chalk paint. {Position - seems so political, don't ya think? If only canidates that were running had positions on paint choices - I think it would be much easier to determine who would get my vote!} ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, your piece is absolutely beautiful! I exclusively use Annie Sloan paint too in my furniture painting business and I 100% agree with your comments about Annie Sloan and those with the knock-offs formulas. I am not a stocklist either but I have developed a great friendship with my stocklist. Annie Sloan is also committed to selling her products through local, small business. I absolutely love knowing when I buy 3 or 4 quarts of paint and a wax every couple of weeks that I am personally supporting someone in my community and their business. When comparing the cost, including time, since I paint for profit ASCP is much less expensive than latex period plus I have quality finish which people respond to by opening their wallets or purses...thanks for speaking out to Annie Sloan!

Amanda said...

Hi Janet! I thoroughly enjoyed this post! You did an amazing tranformation with the lovely cabinet and you have provided some very useful information for people who are on the fence about trying ASCP! I have pinned your post to my ASCP pinterest board. Thanks so much for the share!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Hyphen Interiors said...

Great post! I may ask her about a color as well! So glad to hear your opinion of the diy version.

Hyphen Interiors said...

The piece you painted is gorgeous!! I was thinking of opposite colors on a similar piece, with duck egg exterior, white interior with some gray stencil or accents.

robin sabourin said...

I am using the same colors right now on a cabinet I purchased at Faith Farm! Sooo excited to be using 100% Annie Sloan Chalk Paint . Would love to post a before and after pic!

Anonymous said...

Can't find Anne Sloan on Facebook. How did you find her?

Anonymous said...





georgetta wilson said...

I have this same china cabinet. It was bought around 1960 by my parents. My father died when i was 5 (1968) and my mother died when i was 9. She left 6 kids orphaned. We were moved around from relative to relative so most everything my parents had was lost. This cabinet and a brooch are the only things i have that belonged to her. Mine sits as yours did before you painted it. It turned out so beautifully though....i have thought about painting mine. My mother had the friendly village china in it. It was all lost or broken but the pattern is still made so my husband buys me some every year for christmas. My heart is just pulled in different directions about if i should leave it as she had it or paint it. I think of my mother everytime i look at the cabinet and i am afraid i would lose that if i painted it..Hmmm. Anyway i wanted to say that i think you did a amazing job and it turned out beautifully!