Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is There A DIY Home Decor Prison?

Hello my happy you are here once again.

courtesy Goggle Images
 I just love this front porch Halloween theme. 
Is this my front porch?

courtesy of Centsational Girl
And this pretty Autumn hued front porch...
not mine either.

Sadly, my home decor for this Halloween/Fall season looks more like this

My pathetic excuse for a Halloween themed mantel
Look away Kim, Kate, Layla, Marian, Sarah and all you other 
Queens of home decor

Don't try to adjust your computer settings
this is truly a 
Summer wreath you see still hanging on my front door
(she hangs her head in shame)

One sad and lonely little fake pumpkin

But HEY!!!!!
Mr. Secret Agent did leave a huge orange Home Depot dirt bucket on the front porch.
That surely counts for something!!
(insert crickets chirping sound here) I'm not the most dedicated Fall home decorator..
So take me out in the middle of a Michaels parking lot and shoot me with a glue gun!

courtesy of Google wallpaper images..Dolan Art
Autumn may not be on my mantel
 or hanging on my front door
but I always keep the wonders of the season 


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Katie said...

Too funny! Thanks for reminding us that it's ok if a season slips away without the "proper" front door wreath.

Goldie said...

I love how you ask us to shoot you with a glue gun! I believe that DIY has to be inspired, if you are not feeling inspired then why should you do it?

PS i love your lonely fake pumpkin, and your boo ghord.

The Cannary's said...

Thanks for being REAL. Other's homes are lovely to look at, but sometimes I wonder how they really, really look, outside of some pretty blog pics. Not that it's not nice to look at them....but you know, a lot of it is staging...just sayin'...the boo gourd is too cute. Besides fall just got started, you have lots of time. I grant you a reprieve!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, yeah, the "in my heart" goes for me this year, too!

Aprons and More said...

You have more than me! Hopefully I will find time to decorate before the goblins show up!

Katy :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty front porches, but I can see just by looking that $$ was spent to get that look. I think I spent $37 on my front porch autumn decor.

Just love the look of the porches you pictured, guess I'm just a cheap skate. LOL

Lisalulu said...

home decor prison... hoping to sell your house so you CAN NOT decorate it for the holidays! (it is killing me!)

Lydia said...

You also have a witch gourd! And a little flag banner!

Annette said...

I haven't decorated for fall or halloween for the last couple of years. I just don't have the energy to drag it all out and turn around and put it all away.

Kathleen Grace said...

Ha ha We can be cell mates. I have been thinking all week about changing the summer wreath off the front door. I don't have anything out there but an old jug of zinnias and the summer wreath. And inside? nope, nothing. I'm just finding it hard to find the time (as usual). But we love the decorating youshare with us, so we won't turn you in to the autumn decorating authorities!

DearHelenHartman said...

What a fun blog, so happy to have stopped by to see your "fall" from decor perfection. Thanks for the smile!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Oh Janet, you crack me up! I only just changed out the patriotic star on my front door for a more autumnal one. That's about the extent of my fall decorating at this point. I've got to get busy this weekend (or not)!

Kelly Ann said...

An orange dirt bucket counts for something in my book...

missing moments said...

LOL ... no worry ... nothing at my front door!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the laugh! Sometimes I feel so guilty if I don't take the time to change seasonal decor. It is refreshing to hear I am not alone:) God bless x

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a cute post! Some gorgeous pictures there. I giggled because all I ever do is hang my googly-eyed skely boy on my front door. I always have these fun ideas but they never come to fruition. Maybe some day huh? Hope you're having a nice Friday.

roofing contractor fort worth tx said...

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Solar Panels said...

I have never even thought to decorate my porch in any of season other than christmas when a wreath is placed on the front door..The image you have thought of the halloween porch does look lovely though...hang my head in shame ;)