Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Home For Annie's Paints

Hey friends...just a quick update on my little display shelf project.
Remember the very cheap and not real wood 
shelving unit I bought?

Well after a little ASCP and some
antique sheet music
I now have a respectable home for my stock of
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I believe she will do quite nicely!

All decked out in vintage loveliness. 

Great adjustable shelves are a plus.

A little added decorative trim
Yes, I think this will do just fine!

I located a Habitat Restore near me and I was amazed at the cool offerings.
Look at these wonderful solid oak planked cabinet doors.
These are high quality tung and groove planks...very heavy.
As soon as I saw them I thought of hand painted market signs.
Maybe with some French lettering
or cool farm market advertising.
Only $2.00 a piece!! 

I spent the day designing four new couture aprons for a new client.
I was handed a box a vintage linens that have been in her family for a long time.
My scissors were whipping through these linens with glee.
It was not a sight for those with a weak stomach.
She has requested aprons for herself, a sister, her mom and her best friend.
Christmas gifts....what fun!
It felt so great to play with vintage linens and fabric again.
I've really missed my sewing machine.
I swear I heard the foot pedal giggle a little when I pressed it

Until next kind and stay creative.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! I would be that new client and I am so excited.... I loved seeing my Gram's linens even before I started reading and verified they were mine :) The shelf looks great too! RP

Erin said...

Love what you did with the bookshelf, Janet! How appropriate you should use ASCP to paint it. :) Will you be sharing photos of the aprons when you're finished? Those vintage embroidered linens are beyond precious!

Take care,
Carolina Country Living

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

The ASCP shelving looks great! Looking forward to what your creativity does with the cabinet doors soon to be signs.

I love those linens - certainly eye candy for those with a taste for vintage linens. What a great way to enjoy them by turning them into aprons. Fabulous idea, RP. I hope you will allow Janet to share her creations with us after your gifts have been delivered.

jojo said...

I love vintage linens and have tons of them. I never considered making aprons for my favourite people...I don't sew much but it wouldn't take long. Great idea. Love the shelf...

Claire said...

Hey Janet, the shelving for Annie's paints looks great.....I think you'll be kept busy restocking those shelves.

What better things to play with than a 'box of vintage linen'. Love that gorgeous table cloth in the photo. Is it going to become part of the aprons too?

Very soon there are going to be four ladies looking stunning in their couture aprons.

Look forward to the photos.

Claire :}

Joyce said...

The cabinet looks great. I never thought of aprons with vintage linens....what a great idea!

Annie said...

Love what you've done to those shelves and those fabrics are so wonderful to give them all a new extended life. Please share the finished results with us.
A x

Kathleen Grace said...

First, let me say the aprons are going to be fantastic! Cutting into those old linens is certainly not for the faint of heart, it gives me pause every time I do it! But who is going to use dresser scarves and doilies anymore? They are much easier to enjoy when we can use them rather than store them in a dark box or drawer somewhere. Your client is going to love your designs:>)
The shelves are just perfect for displaying your paint stock. The music lining adds such a petty touch:>)

Aprons and More said...

Love the shelving unit!! You can sing along as you sell great paint!! ;)

Katy :)

Of course I love the aprons... would love to see the finished product. Maybe after Christmas is over.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Those aprons are going to be so lovely, I hope you show them here.

The doors will make great market signs, and the paint will look spiffing on their new shelves.