Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh Autumn..Why must you tease me so?

Hello friends....happy to see you here.
It seems the days are going past me at such speed lately.
I am trying to savor the last of
 Autumn's beauty
before it is gone for another year.
This past Sunday
Mr. Secret Agent and I
went on a kind of 
'Date Day'
We headed out in search of 

We drove down Rt. 211 towards the quaint little village of
Looks like someone installed new golden wall to wall
 or should I say curb to curb
Mother Nature
have a great eye for color?

This carpenter has been crafting the most wonderful tables
for as long as I have lived here.
His store sign always makes me smile.

We took a few less traveled side roads and guess who we found?
Aren't these guys 
The little one on the left ran right up to me.
We chatted for a while and
he told me that he loves living on this farm
with his friends.

He invited us for lunch, but we gracefully declined.
we had more adventures ahead.
He was sad to see us go

We drove towards Old Rag Mountain 
and found some lovely small settlements nestled at the foothills of
The Blue Ridge Mtns.

The Shenandoah Valley is really a spectacular
place to live.
Every season brings a new beauty.

I think you would be hard pressed to find another state with more 
miles of  wonderful
horse fencing.

Mr. Secret Agent was in his element when we
discovered this tranquil waterway.

Dreaming of Fly-fishing
We found posted signs on trees that declared it a public fishing
The state stocks the Rose River with trout and opens it to the public.
Mr Secret Agent liked this.
Take a good look guys
this is most likely the last 
sighting of
Mr. Secret Agent

We stopped by the Sharp Rock Vineyard 
and walked around a bit.

They have a very serene spot to sit and daydream.

I wish you could hear the calming sound of the rushing water.
This water is so crystal clear
We could see every pebble and rock at the bottom.

In some areas the color is intense 
and in others it is very subtle
and fading fast.

Just when you think all the leaves have fallen...
You come across a beauty like this.
So after three hours
looking high and low for 
we headed home

Only to find great color was right in my own 
My lollypop Cleveland Pears
in all their glory.
My own Japanese Maple trees are glowing with a golden/russet color.

The Maple tree I planted 10 years ago
 is dropping her 
golden leaves
to carpet my lawn.

The Bradford pear trees along my driveway get more intense
every day.
Soon the birds will be snaking on the berries.

After spending most of the day
hunting down
We drove up our driveway
only to realize
We had it all along...
We just needed to look.

Until next time...be kind and stay creative.


The Cannary's said...

Beautiful post and photos - thanks for sharing (:

Katie said...

Beautiful photos!

Kelly Ann said...

You did one of my most favorite drives...

MamaMonki said...

Beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos, I'd say you found Autumn. Thanks for sharing. I come from the New England area but live in California now. I miss the 4 seasons.

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful scenes, Janet, my favorites were the serene spot to sit at he Sharp Rock Vineyard and your own driveway bordered with your lollypop Cleveland Pear trees. My colorful autumn disappeared this week, it's mostly light peachy browns are out there today, along with some autumn rain.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Ahhh, I feel so relaxed after my little autumn get away with you!

Marilyn said...

Sounds like a perfect day and what beautiful photos! Memories...

Amy W. said...

You have blessed me with the most beautiful of all Autumn pictures I've seen yet!!
Your home is such a beautiful masterpiece of a picture setting!!
May I ask you what brand and model of camera you took these beautiful photos with?
It's almost Christmas time....and your answer
will go down on my Christmas List!!!
Thanks again for the beautiful blessing your pictures brought me today!!
Take care!!

Aprons and More said...

Thank you for sharing Fall with us! Now I feel like I didn't miss it after all! So pretty!!

Katy :)

Kathleen Grace said...

Fantastic color Janet and what a fun day! It's fairly cool and blustery up here lately, most of the leaves are gone now. Time to light some candles and hibernate inside for the winter!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Gorgeous photos, Janet! You really captured the beauty of our part of the state at this time of year.

TheBeasKnees said...

I love Sperryville and was p that way not long ago! Your photos make me want to go again!

Grammasheri said...

Ahhh...I've just been on a lovely day trip! So relaxing...thank you!

Atelier Conti said...

What an incredibly beautiful countryside Janet! You get fall in spades over there. Glad to hear you took a day off to enjoy it.

Claire said...

Oh my, what gorgeous colour Janet.........the Master Designer at work.
Love all the pics, you certainly live in a beautiful place and what a great way to spend a few hours.
I'm worried Janet.....you haven't given the Secret Agent his marching orders have you?'
You wrote that it was 'most likely the last sighting of him' !!

Who is going to mow all that lawn for you then?

Claire X

Hines-Sight said...

Beautiful photos!! Love the color.

Janet said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like the type of place we would love to visit!

Gretel said...

I am absolutely dumb struck at your colours Janet! It knocks our autumn into a cocked hat! So very, very lovely, I wanted to go on that walk with you (and catch a glimpse of the rare lesser spotted Mr Secret Agent). And I always love your lollipop trees, but this is spectacular. What a beautiful home you have - it is a real American dream, just how I imagine a proper US house should be.

southernscraps said...

Thanks for sharing! We do not have that kind of beautiful fall scenery here.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow I am in awe of the beauty surrounding you. You live in such a gorgeous area and love how you captured such colors for us to enjoy.
I can't imagine taking a day trip any place lovelier than this one.
Thank you so much for sharing these I can't wait to show them to my daughter.
Love ya