Monday, January 23, 2012

~sneak peak until the sun comes out~

                                                    Hello friends...welcome back.
                             Well...I finished my newest ASCP furniture makeover,

Pea soup anyone??

                              however.........until the sun decides to show it's bright        
                                                                 golden glow, 
                                it seems I will not be able to get a decent photo of it.
                                          I can only give you guys a little poorly lit
                                                                Sneak Peak.
See what I mean...lousy light.
So sorry.

I really love her
and I hope you will too.
Hopefully I can get some good shots of her soon
....before she becomes an official 


Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Our weather here in Alabama isn't cooperating with my camera either. I woke up to weather sirens going off and reports of tornados in our state.

Can't wait to see your finished project, I know it will be beautiful!

Gretel said...

Yuk! Freezing fog - but, gold and pale turquoise, one of my all time favourite colour combinations - I painted a toy theatre facade in those colours, many years ago! Hurry up sun!

Lady Courtney said...

Tease!!! Can't wait to see it...Happy Foggy Day!! Pretty foggy here at my house...not sure if good light will happen today!!! Have a great day!! :) Donna

Hartwood Roses said...

I agree with Donna ... you're a big tease! Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny. You can photograph this latest masterpiece of yours, and I can work in the greenhouse. We can hope.

Claire said...

Pea soup.....yes please and a double helping if you don't mind, beautiful photos Janet.

Look forward to when you can take some pics and show us your latest treasure.

By the way, blues skies and sunshine here.....just thought I'd mention it, hehe...

Claire X