Thursday, March 22, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Facebook

Hello friends, welcome to my blog.
This has been a very difficult blog post to write and share, but I am feeling really calm about it.
Nicole from the blog 'Coffee Colored Sofa' 
has put my feelings into actual written words so perfectly. Our personal situations differ, however she hit every Facebook nerve I have. 
You can and I encourage you to read her post here.
The following words hit me hard and I just sat and stared at them for the longest time. So true for me.
"I notice the more time I spend with you, Facebook, the less patience I have with the people closest to me and that breaks my heart. 
I know you’re thinking, “Yes, but you blog, so you’re stuck with me. Without me, you wouldn’t have half of the blog traffic you have. Would anyone even read your blog if it weren’t for me?”

Truthfully, I have to say I no longer care."

Agreed, I no longer care anymore either Nicole. The dear true friends I have made on Facebook will still be my friends and those who were here purely for daily entertainment will find others to satisfy that need. 
I'm tired....tired of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning. Tired of spending hours documenting my life instead of LIVING my life. Tired of feeling the need to always be there for others for fear of being forgotten. Trust me...that is a very real social media fear for many of us artisans and creators. We live in such fast times now because of the internet. We want everything NOW. If we don't get it fast enough, we move on to someone else who will give it to us fast and often. I want OUT of that mentality.

I also have to add that I no longer wish to be a part of Mr. Zuckerbergs Facebook world. Sorry Mr. Z, but I don't trust you. You lie to tell me if I spend money to advertise with you, I will be shared in thousands of homes worldwide. Instead, you share me and my art with fewer and fewer people. Sometimes deleting my posts entirely from my friends feeds. I post religiously, I buy adds, I share and comment on a daily basis and still you mess with me. 
You take up so much of my time as an artist and as an entrepreneur, you make it very difficult and I'm done making you richer and me poorer.
I know many of you will feel the need to give me reasons why I should stay or how my reasoning is flawed. 
Please don't.
  Facebook offers different things to all of us, I just don't think it has much to offer me anymore that I cannot get elsewhere and at a more personal level.
This has been a long time coming for me. I feel a sense of calm with this decision...I'm good! 
I thank you for all the lovely, kind and encouraging comments over the years. They have meant so much to me as a growing artist.
If I could take you all to tea I would!
If you would like to say hello now and then (and I hope you will), you can find me 


I am happy to share that I will be dedicating much more creative time to my blog.
Sharing art and hoping to inspire.
Please don't desert me here.

Until next kind and stay creative!

PS....I will be deleting my Facebook accounts on 
Sunday, March 25th

                                             Janet xox


Petra Howard said...

I understand...will I find you on your bog, will that stay open?

Janet Metzger said...

Hello Petra....Yes, my blog will remain open and be filled with all my normal creative fun. So stay right here!
Thank you..
Janet xx

Cindy Rovera said...

Hello Janet,

Will visit you here:)


sherry said...

Janet, I'll look forward to following you on your Blog. I'll miss seeing you on Facebook but I understand! Thanks for everything that you have shared your a true artist and I love your Art! Sherry Myers

Linda said...

Hallelujah; good for you. Welcome to the light side. Many of us know the recent revelations about Facebook's practices with personal and account information have always existed. At least now the truth is making an impression. I'm glad your FB account is closed.

Unknown said...

Well, I for one have only ever come to know you from your blog and not a FB page, so no change to note for me. You do what you have to do is all I can say. :-)

Fiona's Thoughts said...

Bravo....bravery.....common sense.....gutsy....whatever you call it, I am inspired. Actually been trying to find my own words to convince me that I am fed up with FB, for all the reasons you've written, plus more of my own. I will continue, with pleasure, in following your blog.
Best of times to you...Linda

Janet Metzger said...

Thank you all for the kind words!
Janet xx