Saturday, April 21, 2018

Springtime in Virginia and everything is blooming!

Hello friends...happy to have you here.
Well, even though the mornings have been rather chilly. 
Seriously Mother Nature, 32 degrees in April???
Despite that, I am finally seeing some gorgeous Spring blooms on my flowering trees and shrubs.
I thought you might enjoy some pretty photos.

 I was going to take the Metro into Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Tidal Basin. Then I thought...Nah, I think I will just ride over to my local dry cleaners and take pictures in the parking lot! ( crowds to deal with).

 Just beautiful!
I love the delicate pink buds.

 Toward the end of blooming season, on breezy days it looks like it is snowing.

 The very palest of pink undertones.


Sometimes I cannot tell if they are white or the very palest of pink!

The Bradford and Cleveland Pear trees are all in bloom also.
These trees line our long driveway.
I love driving up when they are all white with blooms.

 Of course, the dependable and cheerful Forsythia bushes are beautiful this year.

Makes you smile just looking at them.

 Years ago we donated to the National Arbor Society and in return, they gifted us with some lovely tree seedlings.
These Crab Apple trees are prettier this year than ever before.
Just look at that color!!

If I remember correctly, This is also a variety of apple tree.
Soft shades of pink with green and coppery leaves.

The dependable Redbud..she never disappoints. Virginia by-ways and highways are lined with this beautiful variety of tree. She blooms in the most glorious pink and her leaves are a romantic heart shape. Why isn't she called Pink Bud???? 

I love the way her flowers hug the branches so tight like a lovers embrace. 

We have two next to each other in our backyard. They just showed up one spring! No clue where they came from. 
Isn't Mother Nature generous?

One of my favorites is a Kwanzan Cherry tree I planted 15 years ago. Mine has just started to bloom.
In a few weeks, this tree will be COVERED in the romantic and large pale pink blossoms.
This tree is a real stunner every spring. I love cutting a few branches and bringing them inside to place in a vase.

The new leaves are rather coppery in the beginning, but then turn a pretty green and I love the nubbiness of the branches.

The tiny buds are a deeper pink and open to a lovely paler pink. As you look at the tree from a distance, you see so many lovely shades of pink. It's striking.

Even my grass is surprising me with the tiniest violets! They are everywhere. My hubby was a little sad about mowing last weekend because he hated to cut them.

I'll end with one of everyone's favorite old-fashioned  flowering shrubs,

We have quite a few on the property. I am originally from Dutchess County, New York and during my 21 years living in Texas, Lilacs were the flower I missed the most.
They almost grow wild in NY, but in Houston.....too hot!
We had the lilac of the south, the Crepe Myrtle, which are very pretty.
However, NOTHING beats the beauty and aroma of a gorgeous old-fashioned Lilac.

Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post showcasing the beauty of my Virginia Dogwood season here in my neighborhood. It is still a good read with gorgeous photos.
You can see all that beauty plus a wonderful arched stone walkway of lilacs that are over 50 years old!!

Well, that's Spring in my neck of the woods.
What is Spring like where you live??
Do you have a favorite blooming tree or shrub?
Tell me about them in the comments, I love to hear from you.
Until next kind and stay creative.
Janet xox


lydia said...

I am so jealous, flowers so soon. Here in the arctic north, I have little sprigs of green. Love the photo's Janet.

The LadyBugs Garden said...

It’s a beautiful time of the year.