Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

My hubby and I got up extra early this morning to drive into DC to check out the beautiful cherry trees along the tidal basin. We were not disappointed, they were spectacular! Like pinkish white clouds floating around the basin. It was sunny but very breezy and some of the blossoms looked like snow as they fell from the branches....very worth the drive. If you have never seen them you should try to get there to witness a truly beautiful display. Until next kind and stay creative. on photos to zoom in on blossoms


Bits of Fiber said...

Hey we were just talking about doing that the other day! We did this about 5 yrs ago and loved it. Have to work tomorrow and next weekend might be too late :0( Bummer Thanks for sharing the pics it really is a pretty display.

Kelly Ann said...

You are one crazy chick. We went once, 1995 while driving from New Hampshire to North Carolina to tell our families we were getting married. Andrew wanted to wait to ask me until we were under the trees, glad he didn't, we drove around the tidel basin a half dozen times before we decided to call it quits. We have gone back since we moved here but not in ages...way to may people for us country folks.