Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Annie Sloan Gave Me Permission!

 Hello friends...welcome back to my nest.

A big Welcome to anyone visiting from Savvy Southern Style.
Thanks Kim for featuring my China Cabinet!

OK.....so Annie didn't actually call me and give me any kind of permission, but in a way she did.
Last week I received my newest shipment of Annie Sloan chalk paints from my NJ stockist, Classic Wall Finishes (Hello Patty & Karen!).
Along with the paint, I purchased Annie's recent how to book

In the introduction, Annie says this...
"I do not aim for faultlessness in my work after seeing the most charming piece of painted furniture I had ever set my eyes on in the Doge's Palace in Venice-a captivating decoupage cabinet built in the 18th century. None of it's lines were straight or measured and the paper cut outs were not completely stuck down. It was dark in some places, faded in others, and worn in parts, but the sum of these inconsistencies was a certain sort of perfection."

I love this statement and it gave me permission to abandon my past obsession with painted perfection.
In the past I would want all my brush strokes to be the same and all coverage to be thorough.
But that is what you get with a factory finish..right?
So no more...Annie gave me the green (Antibes?) light to paint my pieces so they look as though they were painted by a real person and not a sprayer.
Uneven lines..no problem
Haphazard strokes...bring it on
Obvious handpainted details...You bethcha

So with this in mind, here is what I worked on this week.

Remember my old china cabinet that lost it's spot to the thrifted piece I found at my local Salvation Macy's?

Well I decided it was time to give her a face lift. 
I bought her at an auction in Texas many years ago.
She was manufactured in Gettysburg, Pa at the Reaser Furniture factory in 1928.

I won't be entering any Mantel scape contests anytime soon
Her curved glass door is intact, but the latch is broken and it would often swing open on it's own.
Once when this happened, my sweet cat ,Whisper, jumped inside and all heck broke loose.
The tea cups...china...glass all went flying along with Whisper.
Scared the Bejeesus out of him.
Luckily nothing was damaged but Whisper's nerves...he never did that again!
But I diverse...I will paint the door to sell as an architectural element for a mantle or wall. 
I think it will be gorgeous

The label is still on the back, unfortunately, the delivery guy ripped off the part with the 1928 on it.
Thank you Mr. Delivery Guy

I started by painting the 3 shelves with Annie's Duck Egg Blue.
This is one of my all time favorite colors.

The exterior is painted in Old White and the interior in Duck Egg Blue.
Again you can see I did not fret over solid coverage.
In a small yogurt cup (save them!) I watered down some of the Duck Egg

With a small brush, I painted the insert edges with no concern for even coverage or worries about stroke lines.
I did not want them to be too stripey (is that a word?) looking.

I dry brushed over the medallions...just a little to make them stand out more against the white.

I did the same to the top edge...light and loose.

I like how she is looking.

Add some light distressing here and there...not too pronounced.

I am not using any dark wax on her as I am going for a bright and clean look with this piece.

Are you ready to see her new look?

I have taken her from dark, dated and plain (let's face it..you see cabinets like this in every antique shop)....


To this..
Unique, full of light and so chic

To a piece that makes you smile and hopefully will light up a room.

My imperfections and uneven coverage makes me happy now...I have no problem embracing them.

I love how her legs look like they were painted many years ago, been bumped and bruised and she has aged gracefully.

The soft wax I buffed on gives a lovely old world glow instead of a plastic shine.
So revel in the imperfect...
It's where you find the beauty

Thank You Annie!

Until next time...be kind (and imperfect) and stay creative.

I'll be sharing this week with these lovely blogs..
Frugal Friday



Miss Kitty said...

Love it! It is SO MUCH lighter, brighter, happier! I think you paint technique goes along with your tag line of the title of your blog: "Look for the imperfections to find the beauty". On the first piece I did in "Old White" I read from Annie's book "Creating the French Look"..."The next step is rather alarming as you will feel you are almost obliterating all your careful work by covering it in dark wax"...well, that pretty much what happened: dark wax obliterating Old White. I have learned to now MIX the dark wax with clear wax before putting it on.

Kelly Ann said...

Your latest piece is Beautimus....

Gloria Fox said...

Love your cabinet. You are so right, and Annie, about not being perfect. People can buy that perfect finish in a furniture store. Hand painted is just that...hand painted with all the wonderful imperfections that makes each piece unique.

Janet said...

Gorgeous Janet; so light and fresh. I love it!

Annette said...

Just beautiful! When I gave up the perfection in my aprons and sachets, I felt a creative freedom that I had never known before. You taught me that! I'm learning that the more imperfect something is, the more perfect it truly is!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Beautiful transformation! And thanks for quote from Annie. I'm going to start practicing what Annie preaches.

Sarah said...

(I found you via Shades of Amber)

Wow, I love that!! I painted my very first large piece (had previously only done shelves) in exactly the same colours yesterday - I'll blog about it tomorrow!!

S x

Laurie said...

love the piece :) will it be at the Fox Den soon?

Reena said...

such a beautiful transformation!
love these instructions you provide!

vintageshabbychicks said...

I just absolutely love this piece...you did a fabulous job. We're new followers!

Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

Two of my favorite ASCP colors. I love the transformation. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stephanie said...

Hi Janet, I love, love your cabinet. And the cute comment about your mantle and how your cat got into the cabinet cracked me up. I have not been able to find an excuse to order some of that paint, don't have anything to paint as of now, but I am looking! Oh and congratulations on your published scarf, so exciting, but so rude not to know ahead of time! But it makes for a good story to tell everyone. Take care,

Sylvia said...

Great job! A huge improvement. Don't worry. It is okay to digress now and then... keeps a blog interesting and personal.

Atelier Conti said...

Love it Janet! That paint brush sees you more these days than your sewing machine. I guess you have sort of changed careers! It would be fun to have some of that paint for some projects around here, it's true, although I'm not dissatisfied with my computer table in it's naked, blackwash state. I will be trying to find some chalk or milk paint locally and experimenting with it this winter.

Claire said...

Wow Janet, another wonderful transformation.....the perfect setting for some beautiful china.

I have been revelling in the imperfect for some time now and it's where you find the interesting and the beautiful tucked away ..........

Claire :}

Sweet Vintage Decor said...

Great job! I really love it! As an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mini-stockist, I think this is the best quote on how to describe our wax "The soft wax I buffed on gives a lovely old world glow instead of a plastic shine." I may have to borrow it when people ask me, "Do I have to use the wax?"

Thank you for sharing!

Little Blue Mouse said...

It's gorgeous, I love it!
I laughed at the thought of Whisper jumping in the cabinet.

Tweed Thoughts said...

Totally embracing your 'imperfections' Janet, hehe!! Looks totally fab :D

Colleen said...

My jaw is still hanging open! I love this piece! I've been trying to tell myself that pieces don't have to be perfect. You have really inspired me...thanks sooo much!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Just wonderful.... so light and happy.. makes me smile just looking at it!

I think you have inspired me to do my Armoire today!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of the Annie Sloan look but I think your china cabinet is adorable AND unique. So often painted pieces on blogs resemble each other as if painted by the same person. So glad you gave your cabinet a paint job all its own.

Michele Smith said...

Visiting from Kim's. Your cabinet turned out beautifully. I can't wait to use my chalk paint!!

Gail said...

Your cabinet looks gorgeous! I just painted a little table with chalk paint and I too wanted to make it my own.

Have a wonderful day,

Pia @HiddenCharm.net said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love it- and I also love your writing style- i'll definitely be back! thanks for sharing...

Sandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra said...

(My apologies for deleting previous post.)
Oh my gosh! It is beautiful! I love love it! And because I love painting, I am your newest follower. Nothing like following a sista painter. hee hee! Come visit my blog sometime. Hopefully, it'll entie you to follow along.
God Bless.

Sandra said...

OOPS! The word I misspelled in the last sentence is "entice" *blush*
Have a good evening.

Dee said...

I think it is so bright and cheery! I love that chalk paint and so want to try it. It is just so expensive... Almost $50 for a quart delivered to my house. Is it worth it? I keep seeing it. I want to know that it is the most durable paint before I spend the money.

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Janet,

Now it looks like an old loved piece, that has been in the family for a long time!! Love the colour combination you have chosen. The tea cup fits right in...
Visiting you today via Inspiration Friday!
All the Best,

Sachiko said...

GORGEOUSE!! I love how you painted the inside blue. Thank you for sharing!

At The Picket Fence said...

Absolutely beautiful! So bright and cheerful and the blue inside is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week!

Ellen said...

Love what you did to this old cabinet! The colors were perfect - so soft and pretty!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love the way that turned out. Great color. Thanks for joining the party.

Debbie--http://refreshrestyle.com/ said...

She looks so pretty! Love the colors!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I'm in love with this piece...

vikki said...

Wow what a change, I love it. Wish I lived closer, I might have to have that door.