Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's Eat!

  Hello friends...thanks for visiting today. You all look a bit hungry, so I think a little lunch might be in order.
This time of the year you can always find an abundance of squashes (courgettes to my friends across the pond) at your local farmers market or in your own garden.
Everyone usually has a favorite way to prepare these healthy veggies.
Today I am going to share mine
Begin by washing your vegetables well and trim off the ends.

Cut the squash up in roughly 1 inch chunks and with a paper towel blot up any excess moisture.
Place in a large bowl.

Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the veggies.

Add some fresh cracked pepper and a little salt..I like Kosher or sea salt.

Add about a cup of grated Parmesan cheese and toss to coat.

This is what your veggies should look like. All nice and crusted with cheese.

Place a rack in a cookie sheet and spray with nonstick spray.
It is important to use a cookie sheet and not a deeper pan because you want the heat to get all around your veggies and brown them nicely. 
If you use a pan with sides you run the risk of your veggies steaming instead of roasting.
Roasting good...steaming not good!
Before placing in the oven, drizzle with just a bit more olive oil.
Not too much.

Yeah baby...that's what I'm talking about.
After roasting in a 425 degree oven for about 25 min or until tender.

Just look at that bubbly parmesan cheese crusted on that tender squash
I'll grill up the burgers and you serve up the roasted veggies.
Much healthier than greasy french fries (I'm trying...I'm trying!)

Until next kind and stay creative.

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Leigh Powell Hines said...

You should link this up with the Meal Planning Post. It's still open, and I"m promoting. This looks great.

Anonymous said...

I've roasted veggies before but not with parmesan cheese in the mix. I'm definitely trying this next time!

Claire said...

Oh Janet, that does look delicious...........are we the only ones that call them zucchinis?

I use same ingredients slightly different method. Simply slice the zucchinis no more than an inch thick and put on the BBQ grill plate, place a slice of parmesan cheese on top and cook. When the zucchini is tender and the cheese melted they're done, yum.......I think this is the only way Rich will eat Zucchini, lol.

I'm pretty sure he could be tempted to give your recipe a go too.

Claire :]

Little Blue Mouse said...

Thanks for this, my courgettes are just starting to crop and I'll need different recipes so everyone doesn't get fed up of them.

The Time Sculptor said...

Mmmm... how delicious this looks! I'm going to try it tonight as I have all the ingredients in the fridge. Thanks for sharing the scrumptiousness! Jane Gray

Gretel said...

THAT is what I will do with our new season's courgettes!

Anonymous said...

At first I thought this was meant to be a sort of, umm, diet plate meal with the veggies.... THEN I scrolled down and saw that delicious juicy burger and went, "YA BABY". What a great meal!!


Wanda..... said...

Now...if my zucchini would only get to harvest size, I'd have it made!

Kelly Ann said...

let me just say this...summer squash...blech!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Thank you. Thank you for linking up.

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh wow, I SO have to try this today! Wonder if I have an zucchini ready in the garden?

Lisalulu said...

mmmmm hungry now! THANKS for sharing, we're having that tonight.

Annette said...


Jennifer Juniper said...

Need to buy Parmesan...This is the best zucchini recipe I've seen in some time!

Bobby - #4 said...

Needs to be a turkey burger...

Lady Courtney said...

Yum...its what's for dinner tonight. ;)