Monday, April 16, 2018

Watercolor Workshop and Spring house DIY projects

Hello friends....welcome back. 
I wanted to share some photos from my very successful
 Watercolor & Wine

  It was held at the lovely
 Ciao Bello Celebrations Cafe.
Cafe owners Mona and Dan also served the most delicious snacks, wine, and mimosas.
I had the pleasure of sharing what I know with ten wonderfully creative ladies.

 Everyone was able to choose the color scheme that they preferred.
Some went bold and some kept the florals soft.
 However, all were beautiful!

 Almost all of my ladies were experiencing the fun of watercolor for the very first time.
That in itself is always great to witness...someone learning something new.

 Once we began, they all became VERY focused.

 One lady came because her mother was a watercolor artist and she had not followed in her artistic footsteps.
It didn't take much to bring the artist in her to the surface.
She got very creative and painted the prettiest pink dogwood wreath.
I think her Mom would have been very proud.

 I gave them instruction on florals and assorted greenery.
They all caught on so quickly.

 I love how they all painted beautiful floral wreaths, 
however, they each had their own personal style.

What a fun and creative workshop...I loved it.

 And then I did THIS!
BTW...these .99 plastic gallon paint can pour collars are
PS....they also will fit your quart pots such as my Annie Sloan paint cans.
They keep the rims nice and clean and are reusable.
Super easy to clean.
You are welcome!

I bought enough wall paint to repaint 3 bedrooms, a master and guest bathrooms and the whole entry, stairwell, and landing areas.
Whew...I have my work cut out for me
Hubby was out of town, so I always take advantage of these times to get home projects done.

 Here is a sneak peak of the transformations happening here.
On the left is the old dark color.
It was time to lighten things up.
On the right is the new color
Benjamin Moore Marquee
Platinum in a flat finish. 
I love how it is all is looking very clean and fresh. 
This pale grey is a beautiful backdrop for all my floral pieces in shades of pink, green and whites.

 I have plans for a vintage frame gallery going up the stairwell.
I have quite a collection of old ornate frames, vintage florals and I will mix a few of my original florals.
Maybe a pretty Limoges plate here and there.

 As you can see my home has one of those two-story entryways.
Yes, I realize all caps means I am screaming.
I think it is such a waste of good space. They are also very difficult to paint and decorate.
There is also a hanging light fixture, that I pray the bulbs never die because I have NO idea how I will reach that thing to change them out.
Eighteen years and counting!

I attached a 48 in pole extension to my roller and I was amazed how much further up the walls I was able to paint.
My hubby was pleasantly surprised at my progress when he returned home.
So there you have it...what I have been up to.
Be sure to visit again, because I will be sharing all my home restyle progress with all of you.

Until next kind and stay creative.
Janet xox

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