Monday, March 16, 2020

CoVid-19 closures and how I am coping creatively...Hint, Iron Orchid Designs and Chalk Paint

Hello friends. Here in Virginia, USA 
we are experiencing school, business and event closures with more to come, as this virus spreads.
These are definitely uncertain times and I am trying to do my part to keep it contained, by staying home as much as I can. I absolutely believe that practicing Social Distancing is a must to keep from spreading this virus.
In keeping with CDC guidelines, Fox Den Antiques Mall, where my two shops are located, will be closed for at least this week. So sorry for any inconvenience the closure might cause.
I agree with their decision and hope we can reopen soon.
I will keep you informed.
It's all about flattening the curve my friends!
So what am I doing to occupy my time??
Why getting creative of course!
A few years back, when I closed The Empty Nest, 
I brought home three of these reproduction Mora clocks.
I FINALLY painted one!
This is how she came from the manufacturer. A sort of grey/green...ok, but not quite right for my cottage floral home decor.
I painted her in layers of different colors.
Napoleonic Blue-Duck Egg Blue-Louis Blue
As I painted, I made a definite effort to create lots of texture, which I would need later.
In this photo, you can see the layers of paint and the texture, which I accentuated using a dry brushing of Old White paint.
Gives the piece a lovely patina.
My favorite way to distress and reveal the underlying paint colors is to use a straight-edge razor in a holder. Quick and effective.
I chose the 'Flora Parisiansis' rub-on transfer from the Iron Orchid Designs line of transfers I carry in my new IOD shop.
I decided which part of the transfer to use and saved the rest for another project.
That is a bonus with this product.
Here she is in all her restyled glory!
I love how I can mold the design up and over rounded parts and over edges.
Once I transferred the pattern on to the surface, I used a fine sanding block to give the image a more vintage and aged look.
After I painted the piece, I gave it a quick application of water-based Annie Sloan indoor/outdoor matte varnish.
Then I applied the transfer and after that, applied another thin application of varnish over the whole piece.
I used a little Annie Sloan brown wax in strategic places, to mimic the appearance of age. 
Because I had varnished first, I was able to control the dark wax and keep it from looking 'dirty'.

I love how I can create a 'wrap-around' effect with the transfers.
Now you see how anyone, no matter their artistic ability, can create something of beauty.
Iron Orchid Designs and I can help you.

 Until next kind, stay creative and wash your hands!


Naomi F. said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Will definitely be in soon to look at transfers. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!

Mom said...

I sooooo adore these Mora clocks..... any chance you will be completing and selling the two that remain?