Friday, September 4, 2020

Covid, Coping and 3 C's of 2020

Hello friends....happy to be here with you again. How are you holding up during this pandemic? I have to admit, it's been very trying for my family. 
Without getting into details, we have had a few medicals situations during the last few months. As many of you probably know, as if that isn't emotionally trying enough, then you pile on all the strict Covid guidelines and procedures and you have a recipe for incredible anxiety.
It has been my art that has and is getting me through this time. I don't know how I would have coped if I could not sit down in my studio and paint.
I have really enjoyed painting whimsical faces. 
I especially love painting eyes.
Something magical happens once I add the reflective highlight ....they just come alive!
I have also been daydreaming about traveling back to England and Europe.
Having fun painting quaint Cotswold cottages.
You are all invited to come on in and join me in a cuppa and a biscuit.

Of course, my beloved florals have become a lifeline to my sanity during these trying times.
Hard not to smile while painting flowers.
I am also getting a head start on some winter and holiday art.
So there you have creating is helping me cope with COVID.
I truly hope all of you are coping also.
We will get to the other side of this pandemic, as long as we all do everything in our power to slow the spread. It not only helps us but taking precautions protects our loved ones.
Be safe everyone.
Until next time...stay creative.

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Mom said...

Sending heartfelt warm thoughts and best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your "coping skills" with us; as always, all of your paintings are glorious, joyful, and make me smile.

Stay safe and be well!